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NuTone CT600 Electric Power Brush Parts

Listed below are the parts available for this model.

Use the parts explosion image to locate the associated part key number. When you hold your mouse over the parts explosion picture, it should zoom it for a closer look. Once you have found the parts that you need, select the matching part key from the list below. Then add the desired item to your shopping cart by clicking "Add to Cart."

If parts are not listed, they are no longer available

NuTone CT600 Electric Power Brush Parts
NuTone CT600 Electric Power Brush Parts breakout large
ImagePart KeyPart NumberDescriptionUnit PriceDesired Quantity
 CT700 New Complete Powerhead (need ct170 or ct175 wands) $203.81
 CT170 Wand for wire reinforced hose ch520/ch620 $37.73
 CT175 Wand for Crush Proof Hose ch515/ch615 $36.23
1S88285000 UPPER WAND #C97PASHOV006 $81.31
2S0626B000 LOWER WAND & CORD  
3S9123A000 BULB $4.80
40625B000 LAMPHOLDER  
5S0518B000 DRIVE BELT-geared or cogged for use with 0627b bar $6.93
6S0624B000 MOTOR - Cogged  
11S0636B000 HANDLE RELEASE $24.28
70627B000 COMPLETE BEATER BAR for geared belt 0518b-Plastic wings, no green beater)  
160642B000 BUMPER $6.36
17S0643B000 POWER HEAD COVER $25.42
13S0646B000 LENS $4.09
19S0650B000 WAND RELEASE LEVER $2.56
20S0651B000 SWIVEL  
21S0652B000 SWIVEL SEAL( solde each, 2 needed) $4.59
22S0653B000 SWIVEL CAP  
23S0654B000 CORD/PLUG ASSY #C64BAKZOV006 $13.32
24S0655B000 COVER PLUG HSG $2.81
22S0656B000 INDICATOR BLOCK $11.75
270668B000 ROLLER REAR WHEEL $2.12
280669B000 AXLE REAR $1.69
310673B000 WINDOW COVER $1.69
320674B000 BUTTON EXTENSION $2.50