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Broan RM519004 35-7/16 Inch, Stainless Steel, Kitchen Exhaust Hood

Listed below are the parts available for this model.

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Broan RM519004 35-7/16 Inch, Stainless Steel, Kitchen Exhaust Hood
Broan RM519004 35-7/16 Inch, Stainless Steel, Kitchen Exhaust Hood breakout large
Part KeyPart NumberDescriptionUnit PriceDesired Quantity
 B02300674 Fuse Holder $19.44
 B02300782 Fuse 4-Amp. 5mm X 20mm $8.82
 B03295016 Non-Ducted Plenum/Air Diverter $8.92
 B03295018 Non-Ducted Reducer from 6" to 5" $2.38
 B03300488 Non-Ducted Filter 8-7/8" X 9-1/2" (optional) ** $55.14
 B06001991 Complete Blower Assy for RM51000-A (Includes Key Nos. 45,48,49,53) $141.82
 B06002013 SRV BLOWER ASSY (KEY #'S 45, 48, 49 & 53) $178.24
9B08087294 Grease Filter 2-Required for 30", 3-Required for 36" & 42" $12.64
14B02300233 Motor Capacitor $9.86
26B02300891 Halogen Bulb (G4 Base, 12 Volt, 20 Watt) $7.94
37B02300787E Heat Sentry RM51000-B $34.74
48B02310187 Motor RM51000-A $54.50
48B02310203 Motor RM51000-B $117.64
49B03295076 Wheel $22.62
53B03202007 RUBBER WASHER $2.90
113B03202433 Rangemaster Logo (replaced by V03493) $4.88
118BE3345012 Decorative Flue Bottom - RM51000 $53.42
119BE3343456 Decorative Upper Flue - RM51000 $40.04
120B08091367 Upper Flue Mounting Bracket $13.06
208B02300783 Transformer $23.20
228B08086252 Switch Circuit Board RM51000-A $15.44
228B08086279 Switch Circuit Board RM51000-B $9.94
238B03295074 Slide Button For Motor Switch $0.68
241B03295073 Slide Button For Light Switch $1.18
474B02300791A Lens & Ring With Socket & Lamp Hsg $12.66
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