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Broan 658 Bathroom Fan With Heater Parts

Listed below are the parts available for this model.

Use the parts explosion image to locate the associated part key number. When you hold your mouse over the parts explosion picture, it should zoom it for a closer look. Once you have found the parts that you need, select the matching part key from the list below. Then add the desired item to your shopping cart by clicking "Add to Cart."

If parts are not listed, they are no longer available

Broan 658 Bathroom Fan With Heater Parts
Broan 658 Bathroom Fan With Heater Parts breakout large
ImagePart KeyPart NumberDescriptionUnit PriceDesired Quantity
 658 Brand New Production (Will Not Fit Into Existing Housing) 1 left(BHF80)
This product has been discontinued
 S99260425 Motor Mounting Nut (2 Required & Sold Individually) $2.40
2S97003932 4" Damper/Duct Connector - 683-C $18.00
3S98003036 Mounting Bracket (4 Req.) $18.00
5S99270748 Receptacle, Black For Fan $18.00
6S99270489 Receptacle, Red For Heater $18.00
8S97005327 Exhaust Fan Assembly - 658 (Includes Key Nos. 7,8,9 &10) $73.80
7S99110446 Wheel For Exhaust Fan $18.00
8S99080166 Motor For Exhaust Fan $45.00
9S97006987 Fan Motor Bracket- 658 $18.00
11S97013581 Grille - 658 (Includes Key Nos 11,17 & 18) 16 3/4 x 10 5/8 $84.60
11S99110440 Original Grill (1 left
This product has been discontinued
16S97005058 Terminal/Bolt Assembly, 3 Req. $18.00
17S99110748 Grille Logo Button - 658 $18.00
18S99150566 Grille Screw - 658 $18.00
19S99020290 Blower Wheel, Dual Inlet F/ Combo Htrs $28.80
16S97011810 Thermal Cutoff $18.00
22S99270107 Ceramic Hook For Heater - 5 Required $18.00
29S98004514 Heater Element $18.00
23S97017063 Heater Assy Complete-16,17, 19,20,24,27 $163.80
24S98003788 Heater Scroll Housing Cover $18.00
25S97005006 Heater Scroll Housing $31.93
26S97017062 Heater Motor/ With Wheel $98.10