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Broan 192 High-Capacity Wall Heater Parts

Listed below are the parts available for this model.

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Broan 192 High-Capacity Wall Heater Parts
Broan 192 High-Capacity Wall Heater Parts breakout large
ImagePart KeyPart NumberDescriptionUnit PriceDesired Quantity
 192 New Complete Production (will not fit into existing housing) g16 3/8w x 20.25 rgh16.25x20 240v 2000watts $376.40
087W Line Voltage Wall Thermostat - White $27.72
 85 Surface Mount Box $86.88
 S93150462 SECURITY COVER MOUNTING SCREW - #8-18 X 5/8" $18.00
3S99030190 FAN DELAY F/3&4KW VEST HT $18.00
4S98006989 ELEM BRAKET TER SD F/VST HT $11.16
5S99270723 HTG ELEMENT F/3KW VEST HTR MODEL 194 $136.80
5S97013858 HEAT ELEMENT F/4KW MODEL 198/192 $188.10
6S99400061 BUSHING HEYCO SPLIT $1.75
7S97008688 WIRE ASSY-38" PROT-ELE $18.00
8S97008690 WIRE ASSY BLK JUMPER-HTR $18.00
9S97013945 THERMAL OVERLOAD VEST (#'S 9, 10 & 12), $41.40
21S99030192 ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT F/192-A,B, 194-A,B,C, 198-A,B,C $68.40
21S99030324 ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT /192-C, 194-D, 198-D $75.60
22S99080251 MOTOR F/4KW VEST HTR MODEL 198 $119.63
23S99080249 MOTOR F2 & 3KW VEST HTR MODELS 190, 192, 194 $82.80
 S99260425 Motor Mounting Nut (2 Required & Sold Individually) $2.40
24S99020255 BLADE,PLSTC F/190 HTRS $19.80
25S97013822 GRILLE VEST HEATER WHITE 20 1/2 x 163/8 x 1 1/4 $295.20
27S99090683 GRILLE LOGO $23.40
30S99110687 SECURITY CVR F/VEST HTRS $18.00
26S99150478 GRILLE MOUNTING SCREW - #8-18 X 3/8" $18.00
30S99360136 KNOB F/VEST HEATERS $18.00
31S97008743 PARTS BAG KNOB/SCREWS/CAP $18.00